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You have big ideas and know there is another way.

For the dreamers, leaders, rebels and trail blazers discovering a better way for work & life.


It is no coincidence you are here, right now.

Maybe we’ve met, maybe we’ve exchanged ideas, maybe you have been surfing sites and randomly landed here.

Either way, you have something calling you, an idea not yet come to life, a sense that it can be another way and just a need little nudge, some tools and a point in the right direction. Maybe you are looking for a community of like minded people who are shifting the tides of how business and life can be done. Welcome! We do it together.

Let’s turn those ideas into your legacy.

In our work we have studied and tested a ton of strategies on our own wellness and productivity projects. Some were just theories and some practical tools, but all of our favourites were segmented in so many different places. The Be Bueno Framework is the best of the best tools, ideas, and coaching pulled into one place for you (including learnings from big hitters like Brendon Burchard, Mindvalley, and Marie Forleo’s B-School) and combined with a new perspective for action. Your life is one big beautiful mix and it needs to be managed as one. An integrated approach allows you to create the perfect mix to get you into ease, flow, effectiveness.


1:1 SupPort

Have a big project that you need some extra 1:1 support? We can work with you and help you implement the tools so that you can manage your project with ease. Or, we take the lead your project, guiding from a birds eye view so you can dig into the specialized work only you can do.

We can’t wait to hear what you are working on, let’s connect for a 30 min discovery call with the Be Bueno Founder, Vanessa, and scope your needs to get the right package for you.


Online Programs

Launching soon: The Be Bueno Shift Strategy will be online in modules so you can access the info when it works for you and on the go to maximize your time! Modules will include planning, Trello boards, automation, productivity strategies, wellness, nutrition, and movement/breath/workout programs.

We are also launching a Quarterly online community program where you can set up your goals each quarter and stay accountable including 1:1 coaching, group calls and weekly bonus learning.


Workshops & Retreats

Join a small group of like minded people who are committed to UP-leveling their impact. We lead workshops to use the Be Bueno productivity, wellness and planning tools on your specific goals.

Launching soon: Quarterly Be Bueno Kick Off Workshops to set you up for an amazing quarter, project, or join each time to rock this year!

Looking forward to taking this on the road, let us know if you would like to host a workshop in your area!



So what’s it all about?

You might have already listened to a bunch of podcasts on productivity, read books on high performance or regularly attend your favourite workout class. Each of those made an improvement, temporary or lasting, your results expanded or things got a bit easier, but is it just a better version of the same? Was there the impact you were hoping for? You are guided here because you know there is a better way, no matter where you are on your path. Be Bueno Framework is a blend of all my favourite tools from trainings in leadership, productivity, energy work, wellness, nutrition and movement, with collaborations from amazing leaders in their fields.

Its not about adding one more “way” to what you do and it’s not about wishful thinking without action.



It’s about really shifting where your actions come from and then how to plan with more ease for bigger and happier results.



The Difference:



How it all comes to life.

To give you an idea of how it all comes to life in our programs, we shared a few resources below.


Golden Rule 1: Stop The Hustle.


Plan it. Ever feel like you blinked your eyes and the day was over? Get our 5 tips to crush your top projects before noon.


Automate it. Where can technology give you a hand? Getting stuck on the small tasks creates unnecessary overwhelm and is keeping your results small.


Outsource it. You can’t always wear all the hats for the best result. Where can you pass the torch and how do you know when? Check out our blog.



Golden Rule 2: Its All Good.


Feel it. It’s time to stop overthinking things. The biggest and MOST important shift is where you are leading from. Your brain is perfect to focus on driving the car (skills) and you intuition must navigate each turn (choices) on the map so you end up at the right destination.


Switch it. It’s inevitable when you are playing a big game that there will be moments of stress. How long it lasts and how it impacts your actions is up to you. Check out Mel Robbins 5 second rule >>>



Golden Rule 3: Respect The Ride


Move it: Its gotta be fun for you or it’s not Bueno. We created easy programs for you to access with leading wellness coaches in breath work, yoga, recovery, run training, tai chi, and more.


Fuel it: Not only is what you eat important but even more important is how you think about that food. No stressing about it. Yes, your body has preferences to preform at it’s best, so we collaborated with Nutritionists for tips, recipes and plans to keep you on track even when your schedule is full. Check out the blog “3 Easy Snacks When Your Are On The Go”.


Rest it: How do you leverage neuroscience and your thoughts to toggle your nervous system into recovery and rest? Check out the blog “What Happens In REM Sleep And Why It Matters?”.


Connect it: If you arrive at the top of the mountain but there is no one there with you…. did it happen at all? Making time for movie dates, fam jams and coffee breaks is as important as any meeting you have. Check out the blog “How relationships Affect Wellness”.



Golden Rule 4: The Bigger Picture

1. Share it. It’s not complicated yet often overlooked. Sometimes we think we need to wait until our business hits a revenue target or you have more time, but it is something you can do today to increase your impact in the world. We Pledge 1% so every time you buy a product and invest in you, we invest in someone in need. You could also give your time, or collaborate, or trade services to support a social impact organization. Get inspired by some of our favourite organizations below.


How ‘Bueno’ are you doing?