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Living a clean ‘low-tox’ lifestyle is easier than ever.

For the curious souls, the wellness rebels, and the leaders who are looking for a simple and effective natural choice.


It’s Possible.

I get it. Trust me! When you feel so “busy” one of the first things to get bumped are health habits (check out our Be Bueno Program if you are feeling overwhelmed in life). When you feel under pressure or you are rushing between meetings, school, work, and family time, it’s easier to grab for products that are familiar, and accessible.


Did you know that your skin absorbs 60-70% of what you put on it?

While our bodies are resilient, it takes extra work for our systems to be continually cleaning out synthetic chemicals and toxins from the products we apply, consume, or breath in.

But, what if those same products were natural options reducing some of that unnecessary stress on your systems. Or, what if we push that idea even further and those products were enhancing and supporting the systems of your body for optimal health and energy. It’s possible.


I’ve been there, wanting to have an all natural household including my home cleaners, skin and hair care, daily nutrition, and preventative health products for pop up issues like head aches, colds, or digestion. But I always failed when it took too long to research the best option, too long to travel to find the right product in the right store, or when the products were ineffective (which happened a lot in the beginning of my journey). When I look back it is funny to me that I was only looking for a few oils for yoga class when I was introduced to doTERRA. At the time I had no idea that I was opening a door to so many more ways to use these products and immediately a transition to natural lifestyle became easy. Plus, free home delivery and phone apps for ideas about how to use the oils, aka major time saver!

The point is to feel better and stress less, not more, about living a more natural lifestyle. I understand that any new habit takes some attention on your part, so I am committed to making that switch smooth as butter for you. You just need to choose it, and jump in.


There are no wasted efforts in nature.

Essential oils are made up of unique combinations of organic compounds that provide regenerative and defensive properties in nature. Over 3,000 different compounds have been identified and modern scientific studies are publishing results that link many health and wellness benefits to these long used plant medicines. So how’s it work?


“Everything is chemistry. Every cell, organ, and tissue in the body performs its function using enzymes, receptors, and other proteins, which work together to break down, build up, and rearrange the chemical bonds in biological molecules (aka in your body). The chemical makeup of essential oils is what gives them the ability to affect the body’s systems.” - doTERRA Science


In other words, these organic compounds work at the cellular level to support the systems of our body, for example boosting immune function and supporting killing viruses and bacteria. If you are a science nerd like me, you can read more on the Science & Chemistry of Essential Oils >>>.

The Difference.


There is a reason why over 5 million households are using doTERRA and it is making a huge impact around the world through the Co-Impact Sourcing model.



Creating trust. With the increased awareness of essential oils, its important to know exactly what is inside your bottles. You want to know that the essential oils you are using are pure and capable of delivering on the health promise.

doTERRA created the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Standard (CPTG) to ensure each bottle contains oils that are potent, effective and free of contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues. They also work closely with a global network of chemists and growers to select the correct plant species, harvesting schedule and extraction process. This is important to ensure the best composition of active compounds. In other words, so that the oil doesn't just smell nice, it has the chemistry to be effective. Did you know that some plant chemistries can change depending on what time of day the plants are harvested? These little nuances make the difference.

This philosophy is at the heart of doTERRA’s work with MDs and hospitals that are currently integrating essential oils into their medical protocols.

Curious? You can even enter the bar code on each doTERRA bottle to find out the sourcing and testing info at Source To You.

Sourcing & Co-Impact

Empowering the Globe.  doTERRA gets their oils from 40+ countries (more than half are developing countries) so that the plants are grown through exclusive partnerships with local artisan farmers and in the best climates to ensure quality and purity.

doTERRA’s sourcing principles include ensuring that each partnership with local farmers generates jobs, provides fair and in-time payments, safe labour conditions, sustainable partnerships, environmental stewardship and community development. These mutually beneficial partnerships are helping to provide resources to improve local economies and have created over 96,000 jobs, impacting over 455,000 lives.

doTERRA doesn't stop there. the Healing Hands Foundation donates 100% of all proceeds it raises to community projects such as micro-loans, anti-human trafficking, and disaster relief. Through doTERRA’s co-impact relationships they were able to provide aid and infrastructure support immediately to remote communities Nepal during the earthquake natural disaster.



The global impact doTERRA can make because of people like YOU >>>

Feel good about feeling good! Your family choice is having a remarkable ripple effect to a family across the world. Thank you ♡



Are you ready?

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Learn More About Oils

If you are new to the possibilities of a natural lifestyle, I would love to explore this with you. I curated my favourite short videos to teach you everything you need to know about getting started with essential oils and the top 10 oils every home needs.

You can cozy up with a snack and watch them all (definitely my suggested way) or if you feel pressed for time, squeeze each video in when you are waiting in line for a tea or riding the transit home from work.