You have landed here because you are on a mission to make change, but maybe a few things are getting you stuck, plateaued, or too tired for the rest of life.

Whether you found us yourself or a friend sent you here because they see you shining, first thank you for being you, for dreaming and creating. Just that makes the world a better place.

Now let’s get down to the real gold: The Work (aka fun and actions).

No matter where you are on your journey, I am glad to get to know you and possibly work together. I am offering just 3 spots to a pre-launch of the BeBuneo program. We will work together to review your project/business/goal, look closely at your operations/systems/plan and also offer wellness programs that you can easily incorporate to stay energized and in your flow. In the end our promise, if you jump in fully with us, is to free up some of your time while amplifying your results so that your project soars and you have fun along the way.

We will work together for 90 days and our request is that you jump fully into the program and provide feedback and your experience along the way. We will have a discovery meeting and a kick off meeting to make your custom plan - these can be video calls if you are outside the GTA. Then we will pick one main project to focus on, and have a weekly touch base to support your actions and stay on track, with additional access to a private group online forum. Our request is that you are so so so committed to your project that these sessions are a no-brainer. ✔︎

Take a minute to tell me a little about you and the project below.

♡ Vanessa

PS. Pre Launch Program running mid-April to mid-July 2019.

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