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A feel good approach to project management: empowering your business goals and your health.

We take breaks, find balance and still get it done! 


The Be Bueno Vision:

We believe you can finish earlier, break for a cupcake and produce big results at the same time.

Its not a crazy as it sounds. The universe is calling for a shift. It’s time for a disruption of business as usual. It’s time to stress less. It’s time to pull the things that always seem on the horizon into your view. It’s time to be brave and stop indulging in the hustle lifestyle (yup I said indulge!). It’s time to reimagine how you plan your day and how you choose what gets your time. No more distractions leading your day. Be consistent, do what matters, follow your vibe.

We believe that you are someone who is ready to turn your dream into your legacy, no matter how big or small. To get there, you need to create some freedom in your time, health and finances so you can make your impact in the world. If you feel tired, burned out, overwhelmed, pinched for cash, you are constrained in your action. Let’s free that up and get s#*% done!

The BeBueno Shift is based on a belief, a knowing, a tide that is coming to redefine our work life balance. Sometimes you gotta take your foot off the gas to see exactly where you are going, and enjoy the scenery along the way. It is possible to slow down and go farther.


A radically different way to approach your business, life, projects.


4 Golden Rules


1. Stop The Hustle

The Hustle… it might have begun as a cheeky way to say you are really going after your dreams, but let’s be real. In reality it shows up as hectic, unplanned pop-ups, other people’s requests, unproductive overtime, overwhelm, missed opportunities, distraction… and stress.

What is really keeping you busy? Busy doesn’t get the job done, it often wastes time and diminishes your impact.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all siesta time. You do need to put the work in. But consider that if we shift how you focus, add a few new habits and integrate all areas of your life, you will be able to plan for short bursts of inspired action and get big results without the burnout. No “one-hit wonders” here. It’s a lifestyle of creating and we know you are in it for the long haul.

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2. It’s All Good

OK, we are not talking about pretending things are fine when they are not. It’s not easy breezy all the time, but there is a difference between stretching yourself or stressing yourself out for a goal. Developing the skill to know the difference requires you to change the pace, get out of your head and check inwards with the information we usually tune out.

Our wish for you - Be Bueno. Your vibe is your responsibility and your best guide. No matter where you are starting, you can learn to shift your vibe when it feels ‘blah’ or ‘stressed’ right away. But that is just the beginning, the right now, the short term. You know there is a better way longterm. It requires you to be brave (even when your head says different) and let intuition have a say in where you are heading. As Loni B wrote, sure you can make lemonade when you get lemons, but what if you didn’t have to keep getting lemons?

When you choose your actions based on what excites you, you feel energized vs drained at the end of the day. Much more “buneo”. There is a difference between action, and inspired action if you care about the end goals and how it feels getting there.

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3. Respect The Ride

Listen carefully so you don’t miss this. You must be the guardian of your wellness, not just your health. While they are interlinked, there is a difference. Your spirit, shine and source of all the good ideas lives in your body so you gotta move it, love it, fuel it and be intentional with living a clean lifestyle in a way that works for you. Its not complicated, just sometimes overlooked when we get busy. Don’t stress about it, just make a new choice, have real expectations and keep it simple.

Be Bueno is not just from the outside in. Are you checking in with your energy, motivation, fulfillment as metrics? What if wellness is also the alignment to your work/business/career, your relationships, your creative/personal growth. Are you training these areas?

If you've ever had a sick day (or an emotional day) you know just how much our health and wellness can kibosh our plans. Finding freedom in empowered wellness allows you to make your impact. You gotta feel amazing to go be amazing, and the world needs you.

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4. The Bigger Picture

Now think of spreading that magic outside your business or project. What if when you supported others, contributed outside you business and/or found synergies in your community it raised your vibe to a new place of creation and flow. To draw in, you must also impact out. Remember, it doesn't have to be an exchange for dollars, but think about where you can give to expand your impact. If you are feeling low or stressed - the best way to lift yourself up is to lift up someone else = contagious.

I challenge you. Be Bueno, do good. “No one has ever become poor by giving” - Anne Frank

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PS. Be Bueno is a 1% member, meaning 1% of what we generate goes to charities we believe in. Your goal has a ripple effect bigger than the goal you imagine.

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Your time is now.